Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Fithri Natasha Merissa Kartika

I takde gambar lain la u...hehe

ouh btw this is my first blog using this blogspot thingy.
yeaaa Welcome to blogspot !!
past half and hour ago, i struggled to fill in all the stuff required for creating this blog just because today's tasha's big day and i want to throw her a blog back.
So here i go,

This is a few days before tasha's birthday which was on 17 rasanya.
bangun2 from tidur dah exactly pukul 4 and i found out that scholar dah masuk
so the plan secara tiba2 popup that we go to buka puasa at ipoh
plan punya plan we came out with and idea of going with two cars which is mine and tasha's
sedang bersiap-siap, suddenly amir walked in and said "zul, malam ni kita jam pukul 11".
then zul said "aaa? aa okay.." and amir pun straightly keluar balik.
at this point, dzul dah start nampak tension. haha.

once sampai kat tasha's block to pickup few peoples lg, dzul and tasha suddenly had a fight about going back at 11 because in dzul's view tasha seems to be hesitated towards that idea.
so they had this pergaduhan all the way to ipoh inside my car which ada ain and anne also inside it and tasha was crying all over until we arrived at ipoh.
ouh and dzul was crying jugak at that time.
he went 'meletup' at one time and tasha was sobbing continuously.

we were like sometimes stunned and the other times tried to sing a song with a radio but when it came to a part which is i sendiri dah tak tahan, i just turned off the radio and remained silence.(marah la tu kononnya)
sorry la sha i tak layan u langsung when u said to turn the radio on.
i'm afraid if i spoke any words je nanti ada anything yg tak diingini terkeluar. haha
ouh and i thought after that they were okay but a few mins later they sambung balik nangis2 and gaduh2. sengal ah korang ni. hahah.

okay2 dah panjang sangat ni. i'll cut it short.
after berbuka sama2 semua both of them was happy balik and everything went well as usual.
i belanja her meal and plus minyak kereta i jugak as her birthday present.
Happy u makan free. hehe
we went back for a jamming session at 11 and finished at 12.
then we decided to continue keluar lagi pergi karaoke at batu gajah.
and we habiskan masa atleast 2 hour and half there by singing entah berapa banyak lagu i'm not sure.
ouh and the double date are quite fun u know. haha.

another things is, yesterday buka puasa, i accidentally menumpahkan seplastik besar grape juice which was tumpah atas tasha and she was jerit 'FUCKER!!' kuat gila okay.
trust me i don't know what to say once it happened.
tak sengaja. really!. i'm sooo sorry..


and i wonder if i tak treat u the day before what u gonna do with me that time memandangkan u came out with this statement 'nasib baik kaw buat baik kat aku semalam!..

p/s: dah la pergi mcd tak ajak. hmpft

ouh and thx for the buka puasa that day..=)
tasha dzul ain lela nad zik azam anne



valium said...

i first comment... yahu!
that infamous quote i dah letak kat status!
ok, so cerita sangat detail
dah tak boleh nak detail lagi ke
sorry u didn't get to shop like u intended to that day
we'll try some other time k

owh btw, u tak mention my apam!
langsung! :P

Merissa K. said...

wheeeee! an entire blog dedicated to tasha and her infamous fight with zul!!


thanks zik for being there. anda teramat sweet! no wonder lah ur my favourite brother! LOL.

and u spelled my n ame righhht!! hahahaha.

oh. and just for the records, i wouldnt have flipped pun kalau u tak belanja i the day before. hoho. i memang baik hati dan peramah org nya. dgn zul je i suka cari gaduh. tee hee hee.

surprise ini sgt menarik dan detailed. hahahaha.

serious terharu gilaaaaa.