Sunday, November 9, 2008

Solitaire and Minesweeper

today i learned one important fact
the fact that tasha could finished her solitaire with a few clicks

i think it just a few minutes matter of time before she finished it

the first time i jumped my head on her laptop was the time when she was on the phone

the next few minutes i heard so many clickies sounds coming from her and i turned to see

i fell my mouth open and staring blankly at the screen
the next thing i know that all the cards were started to coming out from the screen

alah u know the thing that happened when u finished this solitaire freak game

ouh and by the way
do u know that i have never ever be able to finish this solitaire by using vegas style with the draw three cards thingy

it's a lame i know

dont worry i'll keep trying over and over again.

ouh and another fact that u wud probably want to know.

i have this one friend which i'm usually making his name as a replacing word of rhyme

eg : "bagai melukut di tepi *****"

i found out that the way he plays minesweeper is different with mine

he'll randomly click everywhere he could until he hit any box with a bomb sign
which is obviously he'll hit one in no time

then he will look at u with a satisfied smile on his face as like he's winning the game
then he'll turn to a new game and do the same thing including the smile

do u thinking of what i'm thinking?


kekasih said...

tasha pro
p***r bodo

rhyme tak???

Merissa K. said...

ni minggu blog pasal tasha ehh?

saya boleh main solitaire sebab saya jobless fuck. org lain belajar saya main solitaire.orang lain buat assignment saya main solitaire. hoho.

so you should feel proud that u r one of those yg study dan buat asgnmnt, unlike saya.


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