Saturday, February 6, 2010


Topic final year project aku bunyinya macam ada sikit melampau dari segi kepoyoan dan kepanjangan.

"Fuzzy Based Decision Support System for Selecting Gender of the Offspring Based on the Gynaecological Data"

okay wtf was that? aku pun taktau macam mana nak wujudkan system yg sedemikian rupa. nama je mcm kerek sikit. hasilnya entah macam mana.

to be short, i have done sikit research on the factors yg afftecting the genders of the offspring. ini telah membuatkan aku mengklasifikasikan topic FYP aku sebagai 18SX.

Factor 1 :
If ur wife ph is alkaline, u are much more likely to have a boy, but if ur wife ph is acidic, u're more likely to get a girl baby. The body temperature as well affecting the gender but i'm not sure how much it can be affected.

Factor 2:
A specific diets can helps the wives on increasing the chances of getting a boy or a girl baby. Yes, a specific diets. What are the diets i haven't completed my research yet. i'll get back to it later. lol.

Factor 3
The sex positions. Seriously it has it own affect.
I have found out that the different sex positions somehow will help on placing the either X or Y chromosome of the sperm in the best position to be fertilized with the egg which ultimately will determines the gender of the baby.
Yes, it is proven over 90% by the professional!

"The positions chosen for intercourse and the regularity of orgasms can help determine the sex of your future child"

Ye inilah sebabnya rasa project ni mcm 18SX. I can't imagine on how to do a final presentation later on since according to bro fadzil, my topic has created some interest from half of the department. soo, he said that most likely half of the department would like to be there during my final presentation.



KhAiRaZeR said...

Yeah, terbayek la topic FYP ko..super pervert..NICE!I LOIKE! :P

azik said...

zzz. kau mesti orang yg paling excited nak guna kan. pervert noobhan. haha

marjeena said...

nak baby girl satu dan baby boy satu. kalau boleh twin, sekali beranak je. tolong kaji cmne i boleh dapat anak2 kembar laki pmpuan. tq~