Wednesday, April 6, 2011


ini baru 1/8 yg dapat dicabut dari kepala
rasanya dah sampai masa untuk dye balik rambut

dengan ini
saya ingin mengisytiharkan

'tua mengejar kita'

Monday, April 4, 2011

saya jarang mimpi #1

saya jarang mimpi
tapi haritu saya ada mimpi

the outcome
is the way it should
or the way i want
im not really sure

it goes like this
that they accidentally met 
at one of daily routine place
sat alone at the bowling alley
where it was the usual place
for him to wait for something

they had a talk
and they brought up
the whole thing
and turns out
the table turned
different from reality

deep inside I wish
that it wasn't just a dream

honestly it just a dream
without any hidden agenda

i wrote about this
as I do remembered someone complained to me before
that i never dreamed of her

and seriously saya betul betul jarang bermimpi