Monday, September 19, 2011


since it is 19 September
i believe it is the twenty third times 
of 19 September for you
and it is only fourth for me
as 19 September have no significant towards me
way before 2007
but u have appeared
without any plans
we meet
we greet
we laugh 
we jabbered
making 19 September 
one of the-must-remember date
every year for me

so much joy together
so much tears i have seen

a year older
a year wiser
a year that keep moving
will not be the same

but please include this 
as part of ur birthday wish

for me 
to be the same person
that u know
back there

for u, the speech is

happy birthday
please be good

and congratulations on your graduation
which is the greatest birthday present ever
i knew it :P

1 comment:

Merissa K. said...


This is too sweet. :') Terus rasa nak menangis and you know showing emotion is not really my style.

This is why you're my favourite! :D